Pre-Employment Reference Procedure

The following summarizes our practice and expectation for reference checks as part of the talent acquisition process for staff at Johns Hopkins University.

External References:

At least two references are required. We prefer that the references include a candidate's current supervisor, but this is not required. However, the two references must include:

  • Individuals who directly supervised or managed the candidate's work or
  • Other professional references including colleagues, clients or customers

We recommend that candidates provide the names of at least three references to ensure two are easily contacted.

Some combination of HR or hiring department staff will conduct reference checks once a preferred candidate has been identified. We highly recommend that candidates notify those providing references in advance about the possibility of being contacted in order to expedite the reference checking process.

Internal References:

One reference from a current manager is required. This individual needs to directly supervise or manage the candidate's work.

If the candidate is uncomfortable with having their manager be a reference, then there is the option of the recruiter to check in with the departmental HR resource to ensure that employee is in good standing.

Please note: If the reference is not reachable (e.g., out of business, no longer listed) than the candidate will be asked to provide the name of another reference in order to satisfy the procedure.