Employment Termination Checklist

This checklist is designed to guide supervisors through the process for terminating employees from Johns Hopkins University. It should be reviewed with staff members prior to their departure. This form is for departmental use. Human Resources does not need a copy of this form.

The items in this section must be completed within 3 work days of receipt of the letter of resignation.

  • Submit a copy of the letter of resignation to the administrative office responsible for processing the termination ISR and E210 for the terminating employee.


(To remove the employee's authority to use a range of central administrative / computer / network resources of the university.)

  • Network Access
  • Email
  • Department Computer Systems

Return of University Property (campus and off-campus locations)

  • Equipment, furnishings, and supplies.
  • Desktop computers / laptops and accessories.
  • Mobile phones and pagers.
  • Books, journals, and other office literature.
  • Return of all JHU Library materials (to be confirmed by the home library circulation staff).

University Computer Software

  • Remove all personal / non-essential software from computers.
  • Provide to the supervisor all access passwords on office personal computers and other equipment.
  • Change any passwords on all university electronic systems/computers to which the employee has had general access.
  • Return all computer discs, tapes, etc.
  • Remove any JHU-licensed software from personal home computers.
  • Identify location and access to all computerized information.

Keys / Access Cards Returned

  • Collect I.D. badge from employee and return it to the campus divisional security office.
  • Collect Keys or cards for building / suite / office / laboratory.
  • Collect Keys or cards for desk / files / cabinets / equipment.
  • Collect Keys and papers for University vehicles.

Financial / Payroll Issues

  • Instruct the employee to review all "Termination Benefits" with the Benefits Service Center at JHU @ Eastern (see Benefits Overviews for Full-Time Faculty and Staff Members at Termination or Faculty and Staff Members at Termination).
  • Cancel employee's enrollment to all internal and external courses, training, etc.
  • Collect all institutional credit cards (Pcards, AMEX, etc.).
  • Advise employee to reimburse any outstanding tuition charges.
  • Reconcile outstanding payroll issues (advances / loans / overpayments / fines / etc.).
  • Reconcile and close petty cash accounts (for petty cash custodians).
  • Complete, terminate the employee and approve the Time and Attendance E210 form.
  • Advise the employee to notify the parking office of their last work day.

Employee Information

First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Last Day Worked:
Home Phone Number:
Fowarding Address:
Address Line 2:
Zip Code:
Personnel Area
Organizational Unit:
Supervisor Name:
Supervisor Phone Number:
Supervisor Email: