Compliance Line

The mission of Johns Hopkins University is to educate its students and cultivate their capacity for life-long learning, to foster independent and original research, and to bring the benefits of discovery to the world. In service to this mission, the university strives to promote an environment of integrity, ethics and safety. All members of the Johns Hopkins community are expected to uphold these standards, which is why The Johns Hopkins Compliance Line was established. This independently administered hotline allows for anonymous (if desired) reporting of serious concerns or violations of any kind. Examples include violations of regulations for scientific and scholarly actions and breaches of student life policies. Any possible risk involving non-compliance with a law, regulation, or policy should be reported by calling the Compliance Line at 1-844-SPEAK2US (1-844-773-2528) or submitting a report online.

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We hope you will never have a reason to question the integrity of any person or practice you encounter at Johns Hopkins. However, if that reason should arise, we assure you that your concerns will be taken seriously and treated in a discreet manner. We also promise that no adverse action will be taken against anyone who has raised a concern in good faith.

Who can use the compliance line

The Compliance Line is available to all faculty, employees and students at:

  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Any Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
  • The Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians
  • Howard County General Hospital
  • Johns Hopkins Medical Management Corporation
  • Johns Hopkins HealthCare LLC
  • Johns Hopkins Home Care Group
  • Johns Hopkins Home Health Services
  • Johns Hopkins Pediatrics at Home
  • Johns Hopkins Pharmaquip
  • Suburban Hospital and Suburban Hospital Healthcare System
  • Sibley Memorial Hospital
  • All Children's Hospital and All Children's Health System
  • Potomac Home Health Care
  • Types of concerns to report

    You should report a variety of workplace concerns to the Johns Hopkins Compliance Line, including:

  • Billing compliance issues
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Hazing and other violations of student conduct
  • Patient privacy and other rights
  • Abuse (e.g., child, patient, sexual, vulnerable adult)
  • Safety, health, and environmental violations/concerns
  • Workplace violence
  • Serious policy violations
  • Substance/alcohol abuse
  • Embezzlement or fraud
  • Theft or abuse of property
  • Legal or ethical issues or violations
  • How your report is handled

    When you call the Johns Hopkins Compliance Line, you will speak with a full-time specially trained operator trained in interviewing techniques and documenting information by phone. If you submit a report online, it will be received by a specially trained operator. The specially trained operator signs a confidentiality agreement that is strictly monitored and enforced. The specially trained operator will gather specific information from you related to the reported activity.

    If you wish to remain anonymous, the specially trained operator will assign you a unique reference code that will be used throughout the investigative process. If you choose to identify yourself, the appropriate university/health system contact person may talk to you directly about your concern.

    Within 24 hours, a detailed written report will be prepared by the specially trained operator and forwarded to the appropriate university/health system contact person who will ensure that an appropriate and prompt inquiry is conducted.

    Maintaining confidentiality and disallowing retaliation

    Every attempt will be made to ensure anonymity. At no time will your call to the Compliance Line be traced or recorded. However, during the course of investigating your report, the information you provided could be sufficient to identify you.

    No Johns Hopkins staff member, including supervisor, manager or employee, is permitted to engage in retaliation or any form of harassment directed against an employee who reports any concern in good faith.

    If you are hearing impaired

    If you wish to use the Johns Hopkins Compliance Line and are hearing impaired, you should call Maryland Relay by dialing 711. Learn more about this service at