Human Resources Policy Manual

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  1. This manual is the official statement of the Johns Hopkins University human resources policies. It is the responsibility of each manager and supervisor to administer these policies consistently and impartially.
  2. The policies in this manual are applicable to all persons employed by the Johns Hopkins University, exclusive of corporate officers, faculty, and other academic appointees, fellows, students, bargaining unit members and Applied Physics Laboratory personnel.
  3. The Office of the Vice President for Human Resources for the University is responsible for human resources policy revisions and revisions to this manual in cooperation with the divisional Human Resources Offices.
  4. This manual is online at Human Resources Policy Manual. Revisions will be placed on the Human Resources Web page and will be announced in University communications.
  5. This manual does not constitute an express or implied contract and its provisions are not intended to be contractually binding. Each staff member has the right to end employment with the University at any time for any reason and the University reserves this same right.

    The University retains all managerial and administrative rights and prerogatives entrusted to it and conferred on employers inherently and by law. These include, but are not limited to: the right to exercise judgment in establishing and administering policies, practices and procedures, and to make changes in them without notice; the right to take whatever action is necessary in the University's judgment to achieve Hopkins' goals; and the right to set the standards of productivity and services to be rendered, etc. Failure of the University to exercise any such prerogative or function in a particular way shall not be considered a waiver of the University's right to exercise that prerogative or function in the future or to preclude it from exercising that prerogative or function in some other way.