Policy Manual

Table of Contents

1. Purpose and Purview
2. General Policies
3. Recruiting and Employment
4. Transfers, Promotions, and Demotions
5. Staff Compensation Program
6. Position Descriptions
7. Hours of Work and Overtime
8. Work-Related Issues and Appeal Process
8A. Workplace Mediation Program
9. Standards of Conduct and Performance
10. Termination
11. Vacation
12. Holidays
13. Absences
14. Sick Leave
15. Family and Medical Leave Policy
16. Employment Related Accident or Illness (ERA/I)
17. Leave of Absence Without Pay
18. Military Leave


A. Equal Opportunity Policy
B. Policy on Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities
BB. Policy on Accommodations for Employees Disabled Due to Pregnancy.
C. Policy Against Sexual Harassment
D. Sexual Violence Policy
E. Policy on Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Drug-free Environment
F. Possession of Firearms on University Premises
G. Faculty and Staff Assistance Program
I. Smoke-free Policy
J. University Closings
K. Adoption Assistance Plan
L. Policy on Software Duplication
M. Management and Staff Training Policy
MM. Management and Staff Community Service Leave Policy
Q. Personnel Time Record Electronic 210
R. Policy Addressing Campus Violence
S. Anti-Harassment Policy
T. IT Use Policy
U. Preventing Fraud Waste and Abuse
V. Overpayment
W. Fitness for Duty Policy
X. Compensation for Military Leave
Y. I-9 and E-Verification Policy
Z. Policy Regarding Reasonable Break Time for Nursing Mothers
AA. Payroll Policies