Personnel Policy Manual

<<  Appendix V: Overpayment  >>

It is the employee’s responsibility to repay any monies owed the university through any overpayment in wages or other compensation as a result of administrative error or the administration of pay in coordination with the processing of payroll deductions or reimbursements.

Standard procedures are to be followed for placing an employee on a leave of absence with reduced pay, on an unpaid leave of absence or when terminating an employee’s employment. In the event overpayment results, it is the responsibility of the employee to repay the amount in full. Any overpayment must be repaid promptly by way of a payroll deduction, personal check or money order preferably within the same number of semi-monthly pay periods or within a close timeframe of the overpayment. Arrangements for repayment may be made by the employee with the Human Resources/Payroll representative and/or the divisional Human Resources office. For tax purposes, when possible, it is recommended to repay overpayment within the calendar year.