Personnel Policy Manual

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Service Leave

The Office of Work, Life and Engagement provides university faculty and staff several community engagement and service leave opportunities in Baltimore City Public Schools and JHU approved nonprofit organizations within Baltimore neighborhoods.

The university recognizes that activities away from the workplace may at times disrupt the normal operations of organizational units. Such disruptions should not be used as a reason for supervisors to routinely deny opportunities for staff members to volunteer. However, staff should plan for volunteer activities at a mutually convenient time, and be approved in advance. Therefore, faculty, managers, and supervisors are encouraged to incorporate time for these activities into their annual planning initiatives as a way of minimizing potential problems.

  1. Staff may be eligible to use up to two (2) paid days of service leave per fiscal year for approved activities in the Johns Hopkins Takes Time for Baltimore program. Service hours can be used in hourly increments and must include travel time.
  2. Service leave must be approved in advance of taking leave.
  3. Service leave participation is designed for groups of two (2) or more.
  4. Staff must be in good standing with the university and not in progressive counseling or in active discipline for performance.
  5. Staff must record time for service leave with the proper code (VOL) in the E210 record.
  6. Service leave can only be used for time with organizations approved by the Johns Hopkins Office of Work, Life and Engagement.
  7. Any service leave scheduled outside of non-regularly scheduled work hours must be coordinated and approved with the employee's supervisor.
  8. For the purpose of workers compensation coverage, Johns Hopkins University treats community service provided pursuant to approved service leave as work time, and injuries arising from community service will be handled and reviewed consistent with established practice for workplace injuries. Participants are urged to promptly report any injury sustained during community service.
  9. Any community service provided to an organization not vetted through Work, Life and Engagement and/or this process may result in leave not covered under Service Leave. In this case, the employee may be required to use accrued leave for service experience.

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