Personnel Policy Manual

<<  Appendix M: Management and Staff Training Policy  >>

The members of the university administration recognize that the productivity and performance of the organization ultimately depend on the depth and quality of knowledge and skills of its faculty and staff. The administration also understands that advancing such knowledge and skills rest on the training and development offered to and taken advantage of by faculty and staff. In accordance with the desire of the administration to ensure the quality of the work of its faculty and staff and to minimize the legal, financial, and physical risks posed by insufficient training, the following policies have been adopted:

  1. Within two years of initial employment, it is expected that all new managers and supervisors will complete the JHU Managers and Supervisors Training Program established by the administration and conducted by Human Resources, the Department of Health, Safety and Environment and the Office of General Counsel.
  2. All faculty and staff with access to the university's financial and administrative information systems must complete the Financial Administrative Excellence Certification Program and maintain current knowledge of changes and systems as they occur.
  3. All faculty, managers, and supervisors should ensure that each non-bargaining unit staff member reporting to them has a minimum of three full days of training per year* in areas of knowledge and skill relevant to their job duties and professional aspirations.

The university recognizes that such training may at times disrupt the normal operations of organizational units. However, such disruptions should not be used as a reason for supervisors to routinely deny training and development opportunities for staff. Therefore, faculty, managers, and supervisors are encouraged to incorporate training activities into their annual planning initiatives as a way of minimizing potential problems.

Note: *Policy extends to participation in university groups. Faculty who have significant management responsibility should see themselves covered by the above policy.