Personnel Policy Manual

<<  Appendix L: Policy on Software Duplication  >>

It is the policy of the Johns Hopkins University to respect the proprietary rights of owners of computer software and to expect that faculty members, students and staff will refrain from actions that constitute an infringement of the copyright or other proprietary right attached to software. Members of the University community are required to determine permitted uses of software in their possession, such as the right to make copies, and to obtain appropriate permission when necessary.

Activities of faculty members and staff that infringe upon proprietary rights will not be considered to have occurred in the course of employment since they are expressly prohibited. The University reserves the right to refuse to defend any faculty member, student or staff member named in a lawsuit arising out of alleged infringement activity, and to refuse to pay any damages awarded by a court of law against any such person. Infringement activities in the course of University-related programs may constitute grounds for disciplinary action.

The Office of the General Counsel is available to render legal guidance regarding the obligations of software users, and any other question or concern about copyrighted property.