Special Pay

On-Call Pay

On-call pay compensates a staff member for being available to report to work within a defined period of time based on certain guidelines. The amount of pay will be based on several factors, including length and frequency of on-call coverage, required response time, prevailing and comparable on-call practices within the university and outside organizations.

Shift Differential Pay

Shift differential pay is an additional payment to staff for working a designated shift, according to departmental operational needs. When meeting guidelines, shift differential pay will be determined based on several factors including shift hours worked and competitive pay practices at comparable organizations internal and external to the department.

Acting Pay

Acting pay may be awarded to a staff member who has temporarily assumed significant responsibilities for a higher level job for a period longer than one month from the date a staff member is placed on acting status. The responsibilities are usually performed in addition to a staff member's primary duties. For additional details, read the acting pay guidelines.

Discretionary Bonus

A discretionary bonus recognizes exceptional performance, significant contributions, and substantial accomplishments beyond normal work responsibility. A discretionary bonus is given at the discretion of management and paid out as a lump sum that does not increase base salary. There are a range of situations that may warrant a discretionary bonus.