Salary and Career Growth

The Staff Compensation Program provides opportunities for staff to be recognized and rewarded for individual accomplishments and contributions, increased skills and competencies within the current job, and making meaningful and significant job changes.

Types of Increases

Staff members are eligible for a merit increase annually. Merit increases are based on the staff member's performance during the prior year and the salary increase budget available within the department. Performance is evaluated according to the current job description and accomplishments of goals, objectives, and/or special projects and assignments as described in the Personnel Policy Manual.

A developmental increase may be granted to a staff member who has acquired increased skills and competencies in their current job. This recognizes the staff member's increased value to the university and in the marketplace without reclassifying the staff member to another job.

A market-based promotional increase may be awarded to a staff member who has made a meaningful job change to a new job with increased responsibilities and higher pay in the market.

A contribution level promotional increase may be awarded to a staff member who makes a significant job change by moving to a job that has a higher contribution level and a higher salary range.

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