Our staff compensation program is one aspect of the university’s total rewards program. It’s a key component in attracting and retaining highly qualified staff members—people who sustain the university’s world-renowned leadership position in research, teaching and patient care. The staff compensation program covers all non-bargained staff. It targets pay at market-competitive levels for staff members who are fully proficient in their jobs. Its objectives are to:

  • Reward staff in a timely manner for important work accomplishments, contributions to the goals of the university and increased skills and competencies in their jobs
  • Encourage career and professional growth
  • Provide managers with flexibility in rewarding staff based on available resources and school/division-specific protocol and procedures
  • Administer pay consistent with pay policies, and the protocols and procedures of school, division, or department

Our Office of Compensation collaborates with HR colleagues, managers and supervisors across the university to design and manage the program in a way that ensures equity, fairness, competitiveness, compliance and alignment with the university’s business needs and values. Relevant tools and guidelines for managers who are making pay-related decisions can be found here.

What's Included

  • Job Classification System—which assigns every job a role, level, and salary range
  • Market-Based Salary Ranges—which are based on what other organizations are paying for comparable jobs
  • Pay Policies and Practices—which provide career and salary growth opportunities and enable managers to recognize and reward employees who make highly valuable contributions