Regular Rate Calculator

Regular Rate & Rate-in-Effect Calculator

FLSA premium overtime pay that is due to a non-exempt employee must be computed on the basis of the employee's regular rate when the employee receives additional compensation that must be included in the regular rate. This calculator computes the employee's regular rate only when there are additional payments for shift differential and/or on-call payments. (It does not compute the employee's regular rate when other forms of payments, e.g., non-discretionary bonus, must be included in the regular rate or when other work or pay scenarios exist, e.g. employee with two or more hourly rates in the same workweek. In these situations, please consult your HR Representative for assistance.) This calculator also computes the employee's rate-in-effect required for the submission of the bonus/supplemental ISR in SAP.


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Employee's Total Hours Worked Enter Total Number of Hours Worked  in a specific workweek, i.e., Monday to Sunday. Include hours spent on-call only if on-call hours are considered "hours worked."  Also include hours spent on responding to a call.
Employee's Standard/Base Hourly Rate Standard /Base Hourly Rate is the employee's annual salary divided by his/her annualized scheduled/standard hours.

Other FLSA Earnings:

  Hourly Rate Total Hours   Total Amount
Shift Differential Pay    
On Call Pay Enter only when on-call hours are not considered "hours worked."  Enter EITHER the on-call hourly rate and the total number of on-call hours OR the total amount of on-call pay. Or