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Handling Retroactive Salary Increase - Sponsored Funds (June 2015)

The sponsored funds procedure to correct retroactively and prospectively appropriate cost distributions to match the new semi-monthly amounts for JHU semi-monthly faculty, staff and students require submitting an E-form. Click here to learn how. More...

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Year End Employee Payroll Checklist (January 2015)

It’s important to review your payroll information on a regular basis but especially as you prepare for year end. Visit the link below for some tools available to assist in reviewing your data and obtaining future information. More...

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Tax Exempt status will expire on February 15, 2014 (February 2014)

If an employee is currently claiming exempt for their Federal or State withholding, that exemption will expire on February 15th. Employees that wish to continue their exempt status are required by law to supply their employer with new tax withholding forms for each year.

Please visit Employee Self Service (ESS) at to update your tax information prior to 2/15/2014. More...

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Year-End Employee Payroll Checklist (January 2013)

With December coming to an end and 2013 beginning, human resources and payroll shared services would like to share with you a Year-End Employee Payroll Checklist. We encourage everyone to do a little "payroll housekeeping." Click here for an outline of some of the tools we have that can help you prepare, including how you can register to receive your W2s electronically.

Please take a moment to review this important information and share it with colleagues, staff and faculty. For your convenience, we have added the checklist to our Web site at More...

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Amendments to JHU Personnel Policies (December 2012)

Effective October 30, 2012, the hours of work, overtime and payroll policies have been amended. Please refer to these important changes for requirements to pay non-exempt staff for hours worked. More...

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