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ElementK and online learning

Very soon, all full-time and part-time employees of the university will have an exciting range of learning opportunities through a partnership that the university has established with ElementK, a provider of online learning. These online courses can be taken from anywhere where there is a connection to the Internet. Whether you’re a beginner hoping to master the latest version of Microsoft Office or a computer professional who needs to know how to configure a Linux server, there is probably a course in the library that you can use.

Element K is an online learning library, a useful resource for people who want to improve their skills with their computers.

Kenya Hearn, a member of the Learning Solutions team recently took a course on Flash, a tool for creating rich media on the web. She found the course easy to access and was designed to help someone who had never used Flash before. "The course started off with a basic explanation of how web pages work. This helped me to understand exactly what Flash was doing before I got started." The courses are practical and the information is presented with clearly stated objectives. "Good objectives are often a sign of good instructional design," said Louis Biggie, the Director of Learning Solutions. "Online learning gets old pretty fast if it just a slide show," said Siyade Gemechisa, a member of the team that is implementing ElementK. "The scenarios are realistic scenarios that are similar to what you can expect to have to do in the real world."

There are also courses that help people to learn the kinds of skills that often characterize the most effective people in the workplace. Many of these skills are all about how you conduct yourself and interact with others at work.

Other courses help employees to manage their own personal well being. There are courses that teach people to manage their blood pressure, their cholesterol levels, their personal fitness, and other issues that help to make sure that we have the ability to demonstrate peak performance whether at home or at work.

Access to these courses is funded through the university’s benefits program, so there are no charges to the employee or to the department when courses are taken. If you believe that a course will help you to do your job better, discuss it with your supervisor. A supervisor will often allow you to take these courses during your regular work hours if it is relevant to your job, or on your own time if you believe that it will enrich you personally.

You can sign up for courses in this new and exciting catalog by accessing the web site, and clicking on myLearning tab. Instructions will be displayed on the site as soon as testing has finished and the courses are open to everybody.

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