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We Started a Blog!

Our Learning Solutions team is always trying to come up with new ways of reaching learners – not to replace what we do in the classroom, but to extend it. So recently, we started a blog, MyLearningSolutions.

Check it out here:

We see it as a way of engaging people in conversations, maintaining relationships, and providing insight or occasionally provocative articles that will encourage people to think about the opportunities that learning can provide.

Please explore it. It’s a fusion of rants, advice, offbeat humor, mini-articles (on everything from language and leadership to living well), and random stuff you won’t find anywhere else. You can expect our content to be lively, current, and colorful. So far, our creative team here at Learning Solutions has written almost all the articles. But we hope to have guest bloggers like you! Your comments and contributions are welcome.

Please let us know if you’d like to write something. Whether it’s about a new compliance requirement or a new business process, we would love it!

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