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Important HR Policy Changes

Holiday Calendar and E210

In response to the recent change to the University's Holiday Calendar, the ½ day holiday prep code (HP) has been removed from the E210 code drop down box and December 24 and December 31 have been changed to full day Holidays. All December 2014 timesheets submitted prior to 09/09/2014 have been reset.

Position Category Definitions

Changes to the university's position categories hold the university in compliance with the ERISA and ACA federal requirements limiting hour accrual not to exceed 987 hours in the twelve month period. The Temporary position category has been eliminated from the JHU policy. All non-university temp labor will be hired through agency staffing by Randstad. (Effective 07/01/2014)

**Updated 10/17/2014 – Corrected text from "987 hours in a 6 month period", to "987 hours in a 12 month period"**

Weather Closures

The changes to the closure policy and pay practices give guidance on designating required employees with consideration to flexible work locations and flexible work schedules to accommodate the need for business continuity while the university is closed for weather or other emergencies. (Effective 9/01/2014)

The amendments include the obligations of required attendance employees (those who must report to work on-site of the university); specifications for employees required to work at alternative locations; and specifications for employees asked to work as needed during closure(s) not previously designated as required attendance or required to work. The changes to the pay practices set the pay rates at standard straight time for hours worked during the closure (up to 40 hours in a work week) and not at time and a half the standard pay rates. These pay practices apply regardless of required attendance, required to work or requested to work. The section “Liberal Leave” has been eliminated from the policy.

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