Upcoming Events - WorkLife Presents: Retirement Income Planning

Event: WorkLife Presents: Retirement Income Planning
Time: 12:00 - 1:00 PM
Location: East Baltimore
Contact Info:
Description: This workshop will address the steps you need to take to create an income strategy and manage common retirement risks. Christopher Varlotta, Metlife Certified Financial Planner, will walk you through these steps. This workshop will offer a general overview of how to prepare for and survive financially during retirement; it will not cover specifics of Johns Hopkins benefits. Thursday, February 20, EB, noon to 1 pm The Johns Hopkins Shuttle makes frequent runs between both campuses. For more information on shuttle schedules, visit http://parking.jhu.edu. Register online at https://hrnt.jhu.edu/service/fasapregistration/ or call 443-997-7000. Visit http://hopkinsworklife.org for information about upcoming workshops and other programs.

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