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Resources for New Employees


(SoM Only): As a new member of the Johns Hopkins community, you are required to complete an online orientation e-course immediately upon starting work.

As a new member of the Johns Hopkins community, you are invited to complete an online orientation e-course.

You will need your JHED ID and password to participate in the e-course. To access the online orientation, visit the Talent Management and Organization Development website. There you'll find links to "New Employee Orientation" and downloadable instructions on accessing the e-course.

You must access the Employee Handbook in order to complete the online orientation.

Dress Code

You should feel free to speak with your supervisor about the department dress code. Employees' appearances are important to the image of the department and to the university, in general. In non-public areas, while appearance is important, it may not be as important as in the patient and public areas. Safety concerns may dictate dress code in other areas. Common sense and decency should prevail in all cases.


The university has a formal nepotism policy. We encourage you to refer family and friends to open positions within the organization. Refer to the formal nepotism policy for detailed guidance.

Employment Verification

In order to improve service to our employees, we use The WORK Number (TALX) when employees need employment verification and salary information for buying or renting a home, purchasing a vehicle, or applying for a loan. The service can be used for social services needs as well. Employees should not direct vendors to human resources departments, Human Resources Shared Services or Payroll Shared Services offices to verify their employment and salary information. This service is utilized by a vendor, such as lenders; access more information on The WORK Number.

Pick-up of Paychecks and Statements

To insure proper security, the signature of staff members designated on the authorized signature form are the ONLY signatures that will be accepted for each category. A new form must be completed and submitted each time a faculty/staff member is added or deleted. The new form will supersede all previously submitted forms. Only those signatures appearing on the most recently submitted form will be accepted for each category. Names and signatures for staff members who are authorized in more than one category should be repeated for each category. At least one signature is required for each category. Only one faculty/staff member can be designated to receive confidential payroll forms for the department. A separate form must be completed for each Primary Department Code. The authorized signature form should be obtained from and the completed form returned to the Human Resources Payroll Records Section, W600 Wyman Park.


Most Homewood campus faculty and staff are required to have a J-CARD. This card is also necessary to gain entrance into campus parking lots. J-Cards are available for faculty and staff and can be obtained at 51 Garland Hall. For further information you may call 410-516-5121 or visit ID Card Services.

ID Badges (SPH/SON)

You will be given a badge request form from the divisional human resources office on your first day of work. This form must be filled out completely and have a valid, authorized signature from the human resources department. You must present a valid picture ID along with the badge request form for identity verification. For further information and ID office location, visit the East Baltimore Campus Security Department.

ID Badges (SOM)

On your first day of work, you will be issued an ID badge. If a new badge is needed (because you lose your original badge, for example), you will need to fill out a badge request form, get it signed by a department representative, and take it to the ID office in the main hospital for a replacement badge to be issued. For ID office location, visit the East Baltimore Campus Security Department.

Records for Joint Commission

The School of Medicine Human Resources Payroll, Leave, and Records office is responsible for providing requested personnel records to approved auditing agencies such as the Joint Commission. Individual departments are required to forward specific documents to the office for inclusion in SoM human resources personnel files.

For more information on Joint Commission readiness, visit this page of educational resources and this toolkit.

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