Personnel Policy Manual

<<  Appendix BB: Policy on Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities Due to Pregnancy  >>

Consistent with its obligations under the state of Maryland's Reasonable Accommodations for Disabilities Due to Pregnancy Act, Johns Hopkins University provides reasonable workplace accommodations to otherwise qualified employees with disabilities caused or contributed to by pregnancy.

Under this policy, a reasonable accommodation is a modification or change in the workplace that provides an equal employment opportunity to a woman with a physical or mental impairment caused or contributed to by her pregnancy that does not impose an undue hardship on the University. An employee is generally responsible for indicating her need for an accommodation and for submitting documentation from a qualified medical provider to Occupational Health Services (OHS) that contains:

(1) An explanatory statement as to the medical advisability of the accommodation; (2) The date the accommodation became advisable; and (3) The probable duration of the need for the accommodation.

Upon receiving notification from OHS that such certification has been submitted, managers and supervisors should explore all possible means of providing the suggested accommodations. Examples of accommodations that may be reasonable include, but are not limited to: changing the employee's job duties, changing the employee's work hours, relocating the employee's work area, providing mechanical or electrical aids, transferring the employee to a less strenuous or less hazardous position or providing leave.

Accommodation requests that present an undue hardship to the University may not be granted, but alternative accommodations should be explored with the employee. If an employee requests a transfer to a less strenuous or less hazardous position, the request should be granted if it is recommended in the medical certification and the transfer can occur without creating an additional position, discharging any employee, transferring any employee with more seniority than the employee requesting the accommodation, or promoting any employee who is not qualified to perform the job.

The University will not interfere with, restrain or deny the exercise of any right provided under this policy.

Employees may contact the Disability Services unit in the Office of Institutional Equity at (410) 516-8949 to discuss any questions or concerns they have related to their ability to request an accommodation under this policy. Pregnant employees who believe their reasonable request has been improperly denied may also contact the Equity Compliance and Education unit of the Office of Institutional Equity to file a complaint.