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Gallup Survey (May 2015)

Thank you to everyone who participated in and encouraged others to participate in March’s Gallup survey. Congratulations to the Carey Business School who had the best participation at 89.4%, followed by Libraries and Museums (82.4%), and the Whiting School of Engineering (79.3%). Participation overall was 55.1%. More...

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Response to Programs Brightens the Holidays for Community Members (February 2014)

Once again, the outpouring of generosity from the Johns Hopkins community has personified the spirit of giving. Employees, retirees, and students, in addition to partners of the Johns Hopkins community, helped the 2013 Adopt-a-Family/Adopt-a-Senior Program and the Vernon Rice Memorial Holiday Turkey Program reach record success by providing assistance to 498 families and individuals. More...

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Employee Engagement Survey ~ June 1 - 21 (June 2012)

Most of us are juggling innumerable activities and priorities. This is why one of the most important initiatives for Johns Hopkins University involves knowing how well our staff is vested in our workplace. It is for this reason that the university will join Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Health System for the first time, in conducting the Gallup employee engagement survey to help us build a better workplace. More...

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