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Retire Right from Johns Hopkins (April 2015)

You have focused on planning for your finances in retirement, but have you thought about where you will live? Or how you will spend your time? Relationships, community involvement, and housing are a few of the issues that retirees must think about as they enter this major life transition; recent research shows that the process of actively planning for these changes increases satisfaction in retirement years.


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2014 Contribution Limits for 403(b) Plan (December 2013)

The Internal Revenue Service recently announced the annual 403(b) limits for 2014. They are as follows:

•     Pre-tax Elective Deferral      $ 17,500 (same as 2013)
•     Age 50 & Over Catch-up      $ 5,500 (same as 2013)
•     Overall by Employer/Employee      $ 52,000 (was $51,000 in 2013)
•     Annual Compensation      $ 260,000 (was $255,000 in 2013)

If you are currently contributing to the 403(b) retirement plan, your contribution will automatically continue in 2014 without the need for a new 403(b) Contribution Agreement (with the exception of participating Temporary, Limited and Casual employees who must submit a new agreement annually). Remember, if you choose to contribute the maximum amount and you will be turning 50 during 2014, your contribution will automatically include the additional $5,500 catch-up. The university will no longer offer the 15-year catch-up contribution effective January 1, 2014. If you are directly impacted, you will receive a separate notification regarding this decision. More...

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Prudential Now Offering Electronic Statements (December 2013)

If you participate in the Support Staff Pension Plan, you may choose to receive your annual statement electronically from Prudential Retirement. To begin receiving your annual statement electronically, click here and follow the easy steps. More...

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Make Time for a Retirement Check-Up This Fall (October 2011)

Annual Enrollment is a great time to check on your retirement savings. Good investors periodically review their investments and rebalance their portfolio to keep it aligned with their investment goals. Given current market conditions, now it's even more important that you have a diversified portfolio-one that can help protect you against losses and keeps your savings on track. More...

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Fall 2011 Retirement Education Seminars (October 2011)

This fall you can take advantage of a variety of retirement education seminars being offered on campus and online These seminars help you better understand and manage your retirement benefits. The live sessions cover a range of new retirement topics including, "Understanding the Language of Investing" and "Charting Your Financial Course-A Guide for Women." The online series covers topics presented last fall including how to plan for retirement during each stage of your career. These sessions are brought to you by the university and our partners, TIAA-CREF. More...

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Financial Seminars Continue (February 2011)

The Financial Seminar Series continues to provide helpful information on planning for your financial future. Whether you are just starting out or getting near to retirement, it’s important to be prepared and have specific retirement goals. These seminars can help! More...

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Retirement Basics: How Much Should I Save? (February 2011)

Most people agree that it's a good idea to save for the future. But you might be wondering, "how much is enough?" A good rule of thumb is that you'll need around 80% of your pre-retirement income annually to maintain your current standard of living after you retire. That's a lot of income, if you plan to be in retirement for 20 years or more! More...

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One-on-One Retirement Consultations Available (February 2011)

Appointments continue to be offered at Eastern, Homewood, East Baltimore and Bayview for one-on-one consultations with representatives from our five investment companies. If you're interested, check the Upcoming Events Calendar for available times and locations. More...

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Take Advantage of Tax-Deferred Savings in your 403(b) Retirement Plan (February 2011)

When investing for retirement, tax-deferred products like 403(b) plans give you a powerful, tax-efficient way to build future savings. Through the Johns Hopkins University Retirement Plans, you’re eligible to contribute to a 403(b) Plan, which offers these advantages: More...

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Retirement Basics: How Much Can I Save? (February 2011)

Each year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) evaluates the amount you can set aside pre-tax for retirement. For 2011, the following limits are applicable to the retirement plans. More...

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