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JHU Leadership Development Program welcomes the 2013 newest cohort (February 2013)

Now in its 16th year, the JHU Leadership Development Program provides targeted learning opportunities to leaders across the university, spanning all local schools, departments, and campuses. It includes leaders from both faculty and administration. The program combines assessments, structured learning, experiential learning, and personal coaching to help leaders take charge of their development while planning for future challenges at the university.

We are proud to announce our newest cohort: Jeffrey Grossi, Jason Rhodes, Andy Baldwin, Matthew Nesbitt, Jason Schnell, Elizabeth Platz, Ian Reynolds, Alissa Putman, Huaiying Gao, Samuel Klein, Edward Pajak, Denise Nowlin, Marielle Nuzback, Peter Godfrey, Benita Walton-Moss, Colleen Barry, Carl Latkin, Leslie Nicotera, Erika Wagner, Linda Blake, Steven Heslip, Jordan Steele, Steven Gange, Shawn McKenzie, Mary Louise Healy, Daniel Baker, and George Petasis. More...

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The Leadership Development Program and Women Faculty at the School of Medicine (June 2011)

The Leadership Development Program in partnership with the School of Medicine’s Office of Women in Science and Medicine, Office of Faculty Development, and Office of the Vice Dean for Faculty continues its commitment to women faculty. More...

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