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SAP at Hopkins - BW is Transitioning to Analysis (February 2015)

Summary Analysis will soon be replacing the BW Report Center which will no longer be supported by SAP.


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Five Google Tips and Tricks (December 2014)

Google is for many of us the principal tool we use for learning. Isn’t that where you go when you want to find something out? We recently published these five tips and tricks on our learning solutions website ( More...

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Learning Website Coming Soon! (November 2013)

Many of you are familiar with It is the website you can use to access all your information about learning and development at Johns Hopkins University. You can register or cancel classes, browse the catalog, and access elearning courses. Many users create a learning plan for the year and track their progress towards their learning goals. More...

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ElementK and online learning (May 2011)

Very soon, all full-time and part-time employees of the university will have an exciting range of learning opportunities through a partnership that the university has established with ElementK, a provider of online learning. These online courses can be taken from anywhere where there is a connection to the Internet. Whether you’re a beginner hoping to master the latest version of Microsoft Office or a computer professional who needs to know how to configure a Linux server, there is probably a course in the library that you can use. More...

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Learning Solutions wins awards (May 2011)

Learning Solutions, the group responsible for the design and development of online learning materials is delighted to announce that they have won two important awards for their work. The first of these awards is an Excellence in Practice citation from the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). The award was for the comprehensive plan developed to support the upgrade training when Johns Hopkins installed the new version of SAP in 2010. More...

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