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HR Policy Amended for Families of the Armed Forces (December 2013)

The HR Policies Manual has been amended in Section 13 to add to Item B.7, to address the Maryland law, effective October 1, 2013, providing leave for deployment or return of a family member in the armed forces. More...

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Clarification of Vacation and Sick Leave Availability (January 2012)

The HR policy regarding the accrual and use of vacation and sick time has been amended to clarify when accrued leave can be used. For employees in continuous employment, leave accrued during the month will be available as of the first of the following month. The E210 has been redesigned to reflect when accrued sick and vacation leaves are available for use. Please refer to Section 11: Vacation and Section 14: Sick Leave for clarification. More...

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Revisions to the Personnel Policy Manual (March 2011)

Keep apprised of changes to JHU’s HR policies and procedures.

Hours of Work and Overtime (revised, September 2010) - This amendment to the policy clarifies compensation for a non-exempt employee working beyond the standard hours of a work week.

Leaves of Absence without Pay (revised, January 2011) – This amendment to the policy provides under specific conditions a leave without pay can exceed one year.


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