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myWellness Choices 2014 – Surviving Flu Season (January 2015)

We all face the challenge of staying flu free in winter. The first step is to get a free flu shot offered to university employees, but there are lots of other ways to be proactive.

From eating foods that build immunity, to hand washing and getting enough rest, we can do a lot to ensure a flu free winter.

App of the Month: FluView
If you’ll be travelling a lot this winter, you may want to check out this app put out by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that gives an overview of flu activity across the country.

Enjoy a healthy and happy holiday season! More...

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myWellness Choices 2014 - Physical Activity (May 2014)

The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. JHU can help you stay physically active whether you feel like you are a beginner or an expert, or whether you feel like you have 5 minutes or 45 minutes a day to devote to exercise. During the month of April, the Benefits Office will be highlighting programs that promote physical activity. Check out the resources and discounts available to you through JHU. More...

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myWellness Choices 2014 - Prevention (March 2014)

Preventive care is the most important step you can take to manage your health, because many of the top risk factors leading to illness and premature death are preventable. During the month of February, the Benefits Office will be highlighting the importance of prevention. There are many resources available to you through the JHU medical and dental plans. More...

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