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October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October 2014)

Domestic violence can become a workplace safety issue if allowed to escalate. The Office of Work, Life and Engagement has scheduled three sessions of a lunchtime workshop that will provide you with resources to use when you or someone you know is in an intimate relationship with a controlling partner. Click here to read the description - note that one of the sessions is a webinar. More...

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Partner Violence Isn’t Just a Domestic Issue (December 2013)

If you or someone you know is in a controlling or violent relationship, Johns Hopkins can help. For personal support, contact the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program at 443-997-7000 for a free and confidential appointment with a professional counselor. If you have concerns about partner violence in the workplace, contact Safe at Hopkins at The Workplace Risk Assessment program manager is happy to discuss your concerns and help determine if there is a safety risk. More...

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