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The New Year is a great time to review your financial standing and to make changes as necessary

Do you have large credit card balances (perhaps from some newly opened store credit cards) that you won’t pay off in full in one payment? If so, you may want to consider a Debt Consolidation Loan to consolidate your bills into a single loan (with a much lower rate, most likely) so that you only have one payment. This is one example to reduce your debt. More...

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Response to Programs Brightens the Holidays for Community Members

The outpouring of generosity from the Johns Hopkins community has embodied the spirit of the holiday season. Employees, retirees, and students helped the Adopt-a-Family/ Adopt-a-Senior Program and the Vernon Rice Memorial Holiday Turkey Program reach record success this year providing approximately 350 families and individuals with assistance. More...

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The Internal Revenue Service recently announced the annual 403(b) limits for 2012. They are as follows:

•Pre-tax Elective Deferral                  $ 17,000
•Age 50 & Over Catch-up                  $ 5,500
•Annual Compensation                    $ 250,000
•Overall by Employer/Employee      $ 50,000

If you are currently contributing to the 403(b) retirement plan, your contribution will automatically continue in 2012 without the need for a new 403(b) Contribution Agreement (with the exception of participating Temporary, Limited and Casual employees who must submit a new agreement annually). More...

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All full-time benefits eligible faculty and staff will receive a confirmation of their annual benefits enrollment including health, life, disability and flexible spending account elections by mail in mid December. If you determine after receiving your confirmation that your enrollment is incorrect, please follow the procedure outlined below:

    •Email the university Benefits Service Center at no later than 12/31/11 with the correction.
    •Enter “2012 Annual Enrollment Correction” in the subject line.
    •You will receive a return email acknowledging receipt of your request.
    •A corrected Confirmation Statement will be mailed to you in mid January or earlier. More...

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A new plan year may mean new insurance cards. To see if you should receive new membership cards, check the list. More...

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Clarification of Vacation and Sick Leave Availability

The HR policy regarding the accrual and use of vacation and sick time has been amended to clarify when accrued leave can be used. For employees in continuous employment, leave accrued during the month will be available as of the first of the following month. The E210 has been redesigned to reflect when accrued sick and vacation leaves are available for use. Please refer to Section 11: Vacation and Section 14: Sick Leave for clarification. More...

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J-List Helps Johns Hopkins Share Housing Needs and Ideas

J-List, an online community provided by the Office of Work, Life and Engagement, launched in December. What is J-List? J-List is:

     •An online database to post housing available for sale, rent, or sharing.
     •Discussion forums on childcare, parenting, aging adults, and more.
     •Available to faculty, staff, professional students, and retirees at the Johns Hopkins Institutions.
     •JHED ID and password protected.
     •Moderated by Office of Work, Life and Engagement staff.

To access J-List, visit, select J-List from the left-side navigation, and agree to the ‘terms and conditions’ the first time you log in. More...

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Johns Hopkins Expands Breastfeeding Support Program

Johns Hopkins recognizes the positive benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child. Responding to the increasing number of women in the workforce with children under the age of three, the Office of Work, Life and Engagement is expanding the breastfeeding support program available to all full-time employees of the Johns Hopkins Institutions. Women choosing to breastfeed after returning to work can register to use Mother’s Rooms across campuses and find resources and support at More...

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