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Ready to Enroll?

Once you've carefully reviewed all your benefit options and made the right decision for your needs, you're ready to enroll. Annual Enrollment 2012 runs from October 21 - November 8, 2011. You MUST ENROLL if you wish to:

  • Participate in a flexible spending account for 2012.
  • Make changes to your current benefits (e.g., change medical plans, add coverage for a dependent).

If you don't enroll, your current options will carry over into 2012 at the new rates. Your flexible spending accounts will NOT carry over unless you actively enroll.

To enroll, go to and click on the myChoices tab. You'll need your JHED ID to log in.

Follow this enrollment checklist to make enrolling for your benefits online quick and easy!

  • Review your enrollment materials.
  • When you are ready to enroll, make sure you have your JHED ID and password and date of birth, plus the SSNs and dates of birth of your eligible dependents.
  • Go to and click on the myChoices tab.
  • Make your elections for each plan on the enrollment site.
  • Click "I Accept" when you're finished. You must click "I Accept" for your 2012 elections to be processed.
  • Print a copy of your online confirmation for your records.
  • Complete your health risk assessment by going to your health plan's Web site.

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