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Performance Management

Current performance management practices vary considerably across the organization. Some areas do timely reviews and recognize differences in performance levels of employees, while other areas do not. Supervisors and employees alike often equate performance management with the dreaded annual review and completion of an appraisal form. Since performance management processes serve as a key driver of organizational capabilities, it makes sense for the University to initiate steps towards a more effective and consistent performance management process.

A New Process

The new Performance Partnership Process, or P3, is designed to assist in consistently managing employee performance. P3 is an ongoing cycle of goal-setting, feedback and evaluation that optimizes an individual's progress towards organizational goals, rather than a single appraisal event. Development planning is also an essential component of the new P3 process that ensures employees obtain the skills and tools they need to be successful.

What's Been Done?

P3 pilot programs have been implemented in Development and Alumni Relations, School of Nursing, Sheridan Libraries and Museums, and an adapted version in Finance. Currently, Central HR and BSPH at the Divisional Level are implementing P3 for use in the next performance management cycle, beginning July 1.

What's Next?

P3 will be implemented in other areas throughout the University as requested. For additional information or to request a P3 implementation, contact: Anne Moore, Talent Management Consultant with Talent Management and Organization Development at or 443-997-4297.

Click Here to learn more about P3 or Here to take the Online Performance Management Process Overview Course.

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