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Important change on candidate background checks

The university has contracted with a new vendor to perform the final candidates’ background checks, employment and education verifications as part of the pre-employment process. We transitioned from ADP (our previous vendor) to Universal on October 12, 2015.

Here are important details and instructions for you:

  • All staff background checks will continue to be handled by central HR, using our new vendor, Universal.
  • (Where Applicable) How will the faculty background check process change? You will no longer provide the ‘candidatelink’ (old ADP platform) for faculty background checks. Instead, please send the name and email address of the faculty hire to your central HR representative (employment specialist, recruiter or HR Manager), who will initiate the background check.
  • Information and instructions to the faculty and staff to complete their background checks will be initiated from Universal’s website site directly to them via email.
  • Any pending background checks with ADP submitted but not yet returned can still be retrieved from ADP until October 31st.
  • We will no longer have access to the ADP account after October 31st.

You can contact either Jonathan Thompson or Virginia Herring from your central HR office if you have any questions regarding this process.

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