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Analysis is a self-service, data exploration and analysis tool used by Johns Hopkins Institutions to quickly solve complex reporting needs. Analysis is the reporting solution and replacement of BW Report Center.

Where We Are
The rollout of Analysis was done in a wave release format, has continued through FY15, and will extend into most of FY16. We currently have successfully trained the following areas:

Academic Centers, Audits, Carey Business School, Central Finance, Homewood Student Affairs, Libraries, Office of Research Administration, Peabody, SAIS, School of Education, School of Nursing and University Administration

This wave rollout method was used to facilitate an approach that is easier and less harsh for our users, and allows the Analysis project team to provide a thorough and non-rushed approach to training. It also allows us to review and adapt to users’ needs during the rollout, and improve upon any system performance issues.

Who’s Next
As the Analysis train rolls on, the following areas are currently being trained or about to start their training very soon:

June/July: Bloomberg School of Public Health July/August: Krieger School of Arts & Sciences and Whiting School of Engineering August-December: School of Medicine

All super users in these areas should be reaching out and providing guidance to users as their area starts their transition. The super users were chosen because they are heavy users of BW Report Center and/or in a position that regularly provides guidance in their areas. All super users have been trained and were given the Analysis tool back in December, 2014. Their experience and exposure with the tool will provide great insight into Analysis and give departmental users a personal first line of support.

What Our Users Are Saying…
Here is some feedback that we received during instructor-led classes and FastFacts sessions, and from those transitioning in their department…

“Analysis appears to be a considerable improvement over BW with the drop and drag technology, the locked header rows & columns, etc. Cannot wait to use it!”
“Thanks for your presentation, which was very helpful. I think the transition to Analysis will go smoothly and reconstructing our bookmarks should be little or no really is a good way to delete the folders we don't use and look closely at what we use. I look forward to the increased functionality next summer when our division transitions to the new system.”
“I did find converting my BW reports over to Analysis a rather simple process… The changeover to Analysis did not take nearly as long as I had feared. “

My Resources
Nothing is more frustrating than being introduced to a new tool and not having the resources or materials to guide you. Guess what? We agree! That’s why we have learned from past reporting tool rollout sessions and have provided you with the means to become a well-trained and efficient Analysis user.

Online Resources: website -
FastFacts -
SAP @ Hopkins -
myLearning -

Phone/Email Support:
Super Users -
FQC Help –, 410-516-3277
Learning Solutions -, 443-997-6800

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