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Our New Website is Here!

Talent Management and Organization Development is proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned website!    By updating our main site,, with a stylish new look and feel, we've been able to improve navigation and provide enhanced education and decision tools for professional development and growth.  Plus, the improved capabilities will allow faster delivery of resources to our members of the Johns Hopkins University faculty and staff.

Why the change?
These changes were designed with you in mind!  In 2008 the Office of Talent Management Organization Development (TMOD) was established to support integrated Talent Management solutions for the university.  This change resulted in several different offices that previously operated independently (e.g., Center for Training and Education, FITT, ODD, CMP) under one office of TMOD, it also presented an opportunity to combine information and resources that our customers needed from four different websites with different formats and styles into one enhanced TMOD website.

A One-Stop Shop
The information, services and resources our customers most often look for is now clearly defined and accessible from the home page on the left hand menu bar.  In that menu bar there are seven choices listed under the title "Learn and Grow", a title that exemplifies the purpose of our services and resources. 

Overview of Menu Items

  • Managing Your Career – This is a resource site for employees seeking information that will assist with accessing and managing their career.  The Job Transition Guide, information on enrolling for RIF workshops and links to external resources can be found here.
    Click here to access the Managing Your Career site
  • Professional Development Courses - Employees can access the MyLearning Catalog and their MyLearning Plan, History and Class Calendar.  At this location, there are multiple links to view available courses listed on active PDFs.  Clicking on a course will take you to the MyLearning site where after logging in, you are able to read the course description and register for available classes. 
    Click here to access the Professional Development Courses site
  • Organization Development and Talent Management Services – These two menu items contain descriptions of the services available for university managers and leaders.  The Organization Development team supports change management initiatives and assists with improving efficiency and effectiveness of departments.  The Talent Management team provides managers with an array of organizational processes to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive, engaged employees. 
    Click here to access the Organization Development siteClick here to access the Talent Management site
  • TMOD Staff, About TMOD – A complete listing of TMOD staff can be found on this page but contact information can be found throughout our website.

It's a Work in Progress
The old websites are still out there but if accessed, the user will automatically be redirected or there will be a message with a link to the correct site.  Gradually, the old sites will be shut down.

So come visit us at and see all the improvements.  This website was created with you in mind.   We hope it meets your needs and becomes one of your most visited sites. 

Please send your comments and feedback to  I look forward to hearing from you.

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