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Learning Solutions wins awards

Learning Solutions, the group responsible for the design and development of online learning materials is delighted to announce that they have won two important awards for their work. The first of these awards is an Excellence in Practice citation from the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). The award was for the comprehensive plan developed to support the upgrade training when Johns Hopkins installed the new version of SAP in 2010.

The comprehensive plan includes a learning management system, the FastFacts initiative, myLearning, on-line and instructor-led courses, desktop support, and a complete easy-to-understand program sequence. Tina Cole, Senior Program Manager with Learning Solutions said that the judges were probably most impressed with the way the plan was comprehensive and easy for our colleagues to understand. "The program sequence is one of the most effective things we’ve done. People just love it and we are being asked all the time how we can adapt it to other applications. People really like the way you can simply click on the name of any course to take it!" said Cole.

Another component of the plan, the FastFacts program is another successful initiative and has been used to train over 10,000 people in dozens of content areas in addition to SAP.

"As we design learning materials and plans, we routinely ask how we can design everything in a way that will allow us to reapply every design for another purpose," said Louis Biggie, Director of Learning Solutions. "That approach has helped us enormously in the present economic climate where we all have to figure out how to do more with less."

Click here to access the program sequence for SAP training at Johns Hopkins.

The second award was from the Association of Marketing and Communications Professional, who presented a Platinum award, the top award, in the international AVA Awards 2010 competition for an e-learning entry that we created as pre-work for the university’s Campus Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion program (CCDI). The Platinum Award is presented to "those entries judged to be among the most outstanding submissions in the competition."

Designed and developed by Sasha Grutzeck, Joe McSharry, and Blue Bliss, the Introduction to Campus Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion, includes modules that prepare individuals to take an instructor-led course. Key features of the course are simplicity, high production quality, and interesting engaging content.

Click here to access the Introduction to Campus Conversations on Diversity and Inclusion.

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