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SAP at Hopkins - BW is Transitioning to Analysis

Summary Analysis will soon be replacing the BW Report Center which will no longer be supported by SAP.

Analysis will be replacing the BW Report Center which will soon no longer be supported by SAP. Analysis will be accessed through the SAP Portal just as the BW Report Center is today and will be available for use based on a wave roll out schedule.

Analysis is a robust reporting tool with a different look-and-feel from our current tool. It offers new features and capabilities, including dragging-and-dropping fields onto a report, creating charts and graphs, and opening multiple reports at the same time. Although the tool is different, the underlying BW data and reports remain the same.

We will be running both the existing BW Report Center and the new Analysis tool simultaneously when your training wave begins. During that time, we will be providing users with a complete training program. JHHS and JHU will offer similar training programs. Recognizing that individuals learn differently, both organizations will offer classroom and online training. Once a training wave has concluded, that area will continue to run both the BW Report Center and Analysis simultaneously for 90 days. The training began in the fall and will continue over the next twelve months. You will be contacted by the appropriate training organization once the transition period for your organization approaches.

For more information concerning BusinessObjects Analysis and/or the upcoming training, please click here for the Analysis resource page:

For the wave roll out schedule, click here:

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