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Five Google Tips and Tricks

Google is for many of us the principal tool we use for learning. Isn’t that where you go when you want to find something out? We recently published these five tips and tricks on our learning solutions website (

Here they are:

  1. Convert currency. Type “15 USD to GBP” to convert dollars to British Pounds, for example. Other currency abbreviations include EUR (Euro), MXN (Mexican Peso), CAD (Canadian Dollar), THB (Thai Baht), and SGD (Singapore Dollar).
  2. Convert units. Any of the following work: “12 Gallons to Liters,” “24 MPG to Liters per 100 kilometers,” and “12 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit.”
  3. Constrain your search to a particular filetype. For example, type “Sexual Harassment filetype:PPT.” This will give you PowerPoint presentations containing the keywords “Sexual Harassment.”
  4. Get a stock value. Type in the stock symbol to get the latest price. Type “AAPL” to get the latest price of Apple stock.
  5. Synonym search. Put a tilde before the word. For example, if you search for “~automobile,” this will return you results for car, auto, automobile, and so on.

We try to publish mini lessons several times a week. So, whether you’re seeking tips on leadership or you simply need help with formulas in Excel, check out our learning blog. We try to give you tiny little lessons that take fewer than five minutes to learn, but are still useful, practical, and actionable. (We sometimes publish pretty good jokes as well!)

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