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Lunchtime Workshops at Homewood and East Baltimore

The Office of Work, Life and Engagement offer lunchtime workshops on the topics of aging, finances, parenting, and well-being.

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Kids and Drugsā€”Current Trends in Recreational Substance Use among Adolescents

Do you wonder which substances teenagers and young adults are using recreationally? Could the substances be found in your home or easily purchased at local stores? Join Dr. Shonali Saha, Adolescent Medicine and Addiction Medicine Fellow at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, for a candid discussion about the dangers of these drugs and what you can do to speak frankly and honestly with this vulnerable population to equip them with the facts they need to make healthier decisions.

Thursday, April 24, Homewood, noon to 1 p.m.

Career Paths for Young Adults

Does your teen or young adult need career guidance? Have you run out of ideas to help motivate your child to choose a wise career or educational path, while also acknowledging his or her interests? Join Dawna Reeves, Interim Director of the Johns Hopkins University Career Center, Homewood Campus to get tips and resources to assist your child in discovering his or her strengths and choosing a meaningful career.

Thursday, April 24, East Baltimore, noon to 1 p.m.

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