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Awareness + Action = Prevention

The Alliance Against Workplace Violence has established April as National Workplace Violence Awareness Month. In recognition, the Johns Hopkins Joint Risk Assessment Team has launched a new website:

The revamped website emphasizes prevention, early intervention, and a shared responsibility of faculty, staff, and students to report disruptive behaviors before they escalate. Awareness means understanding that behaviors left unchecked can escalate into violence. If there is a behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable, you should report it to your supervisor, manager, HR, or the Workplace Risk Assessment program manager at The time for taking action is well before the point at which violence occurs. If you sense something, say something!

If at any time you are concerned for your safety, contact Security or dial 911. If you need help managing your anger or are a victim of violence, contact the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program at 443-997-7000 for free, confidential professional counseling services.

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