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Review Top Ten Strategies for Healthy Work-Life Mix Suggested by Employees

Many of the 200+attendees at the Johns Hopkins Work and Family Fair shared strategies they use to achieve a healthy work-life mix. The strategies were divided into categories and rank ordered by popularity. The top ten strategies shared by Johns Hopkins employees include:

      10. Eat healthy foods. Eat a balanced and healthy diet to help you stay energized during the day and reduce stress.
      9. Utilize resources at work. When possible, delegate smaller tasks that take you away from other priorities. Be sure to ask for assistance with difficult or stressful projects. Talk with your supervisor about changing your work hours to fit your needs at home.
      8. Find time in your schedule to volunteer. Volunteering can provide an opportunity to spend time with your family and friends while also helping organizations that make a difference in your community. Several Johns Hopkins employees volunteer at their churches, in their communities, and at their children’s schools.

Visit for the remaining seven strategies.

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