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Introducing the New Health Care Premium Net Impact, Online Modeling and Decision Support Tools

Now is a good time to evaluate your current medical coverage and confirm that it continues to meet your and your family’s needs. To help you make the right benefit decisions, we are offering three new online tools for 2013: the Health Care Premium Net Impact Tool, the Medical Plan Cost Estimator Tool (MPCE) and Medical Plan Coverage Comparison Tool (MPCC). You can use these tools as a three-step process to help you understand how the changes compare your premiums from 2012 to 2013, estimate the approximate cost of your coverage under each plan (including how much you should contribute to a Health Care Flexible Spending Account) and compare the features of your three medical plan choices.

Step 1: Health Care Premium Net Impact Tool
Select your salary level, current plan and coverage level and the tool shows how your 2013 medical plan premiums compare to what you paid in 2012.

Step 2: Medical Plan Cost Estimator Tool
Input your number of dependents and typical medical plan usage, and the modeling tool compares your total estimated cost under each of the plans. It factors in your total costs, including paycheck contributions, copayments, deductibles, and any other anticipated health care costs you may have. You can even use it to model Health Care Flexible Spending Account contributions and estimate just how much you could save on taxes by participating.

Step 3: Medical Plan Coverage Comparison Tool
Select the medical plan features you are interested in and the comparison tool shows you how coverage under each plan compares. For example, let’s say that you’re interested in maternity care. Select maternity care, the coverage under each plan is displayed for you. It’s just like comparison shopping online for a car or for an appliance!

To access these new tools, visit the myChoices tab on the Benefits website

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