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Employee Engagement Survey ~ June 1 - 21

Most of us are juggling innumerable activities and priorities. This is why one of the most important initiatives for Johns Hopkins University involves knowing how well our staff is vested in our workplace. It is for this reason that the university will join Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Health System for the first time, in conducting the Gallup employee engagement survey to help us build a better workplace.

Gallup’s employee engagement work is based on more than 30 years of in-depth research involving more than 12 million employees. This research has appeared in many business and scientific publications, including the Journal of Applied Psychology and the Harvard Business Review and in several bestselling books First, Break All the Rules and the sequel 12: The Elements of Great Managing.

In the best organizations, employee engagement transcends a human resources initiative - it is the way they do business. Employee engagement is not just about making our staff happy. Data show that an engaged workforce translates to higher productivity, better organizational/team outcomes, and increased customer/student satisfaction - elements that will move our institution forward.

The online employee engagement survey will take place June 1 through June 21st. Paper surveys will be provided for those areas with limited access to a computer. Gallup will be administering the survey and responses will be confidential.

This will provide the most comprehensive feedback from university staff about how the institution is doing and what it can do better. You have a critical role in driving positive change in your department and at the university. We hope you’ll be an enthusiastic and committed champion for helping us build a better workplace at Johns Hopkins University.

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