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The Johns Hopkins University and The Johns Hopkins Health System are world-renowned for excellence in higher education, patient care and research. Our achievement depends largely upon the contributions and dedication of our faculty and staff. Each of us plays a role in ensuring that we conduct our daily activities with integrity.

In today's large and complex Hopkins organizations, it is important that each of us reaffirms a personal commitment to that excellence and integrity. It is also important that the institutions provide you with appropriate opportunities for bringing to our attention any concerns you may have about issues of integrity.

Accordingly, the institutions have established an avenue for reporting such concerns. It's the Johns Hopkins Compliance Line, an independently administered, toll-free hot line at 1-877-WE COMPLY (1-877-932-6675).

We hope you will never have a reason to question the integrity of any person or practice you encounter at Johns Hopkins. But, if that reason should arise, we assure you that your concerns will be taken seriously and treated in a discreet manner. We also promise that no adverse action will be taken against anyone who has raised a concern in good faith.

Johns Hopkins is highly regarded throughout the world not only for the quality of your work, but for the high ethical standards you meet in performing it. We hope you will help us in supporting the principles and ideals that are critical to our continued success. As we have become a leader and model for teaching, patient care and research, so, too, should we be a model for ethical behavior.